I’m Pauline Parry and I’ve been a lover and explorer of great cuisine since I was unexpectedly dropped into the middle of the food world as a young woman in England.

It was the seventies. I was recently divorced with two young children when I happened to meet the owners of Blostin’s, a French bistro in a small English market town. The chef/owner and his wife and I hit it off and they offered me a job!

From there, I continued to take opportunity as it was presented. After a dinner at a Michelin star restaurant in Thornbury Castle, I was offered the job of manager as it was being renovated into a seven-room luxury hotel. The experience, and others, culminated with me and my family moving to America four decades ago and then opening Good Gracious! Events soon after.

I guess you could say that my story has been guided by the love of food and the love of a man. Both led me from England to America. I’ve chronicled it all in My Culinary Love Story, a memoir / cookbook filled with 60 recipes and watercolor illustrations. The book is available on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. I’m also re-releasing my first book, Food, Fun and Love.

I’m glad you are here and part of my next chapter in life as an author. I hope that these books will inspire you along not just your culinary story, but as you find what you are looking for in life.

Because, in the end, it’s all about food, fun and love!


Photo: Brook Todd