It's here! Order now My Culinary Love Story

I’m excited to announce that my book is out in the world! Publishing of My Culinary Love Story is a dream come true.

I started this book as a small project, a gift to leave my grandchildren of the family’s history. But since it was the pandemic, and I had some free time, the book grew into an 18-chapter, 272-page book complete with 64 recipes from this time in my life. And then my friend, Janette Carpenter said she would illustrate them! Each watercolor is exquisite and of course I’ve hung many in my own kitchen. They are available for sale here!

I’m linking all the places to buy My Culinary Love story.

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Here’s a little excerpt that has been written about the book:

Pauline Parry writes in the warm, easy voice of a new best friend you haven’t met yet in this almost 272-page collection of memories and recipes, which are accompanied by 64 watercolor illustrations by Janette Carpenter.

“My Culinary Love Story” is divided into 18 chapters which map out the author’s serendipity, punctuated by recipes from the era. The dishes are solid, hearty, and often rustic. A squeamish encounter with live snails leads to Garlic Parsley Butter Escargot. A favorite for gift-givers includes Pickled Beets, Onions, and Eggs, an earthy and rewarding kitchen project for any ambitious cook.

Parry writes, “I was brought up with people who cared about creating a celebration around all the big and small moments in life. They cared about one another’s comforts, joys, and happiness.”

We learn that her parents were generous when it came to entertaining — the pantry was always full, and even unexpected guests were always welcomed like family — a trait which carried their daughter far as the owner of one of the nation’s top catering firms today, Good Gracious! Events.

In the memoir, Parry recounts her setbacks with resilience, and her many victories with gratitude. The lesson is clear: eat, drink, and have fun—and leave the dishes until tomorrow.