My Culinary Love Story


by Pauline Parry


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My life has been guided by the love of food and the love of a man. Both led me from England to America. This is the story of those two passions and how they converged as a journey of food and love.

My Culinary Love Story is a memoir punctuated with more than 60 recipes that were meaningful to the moments along the way as I grew as a woman, mother, chef and a wife.

The story begins in the 1970’s in a quaint English market town near Somerset as my marriage is coming to an end. Myself and my two children are befriended by the owners of a French gastro pub, and I was offered a job and a place to live – literally above the restaurant. It is there that my culinary love story begins.

At Blostin’s I meet the love of my life, Dennis, a handsome craftsman and confirmed bachelor … until he met me. Smitten with food, fun, and love, he joins me as we explore the world of wine and fine dining together.

The book chronicles all that happened to me, the children and Dennis before we arrive in America. When we do arrive, I take all the knowledge from the people I met along the way to start Good Gracious! Events in Los Angeles, which is now one of the nation’s premier catering firms.

I hope my story will entertain you, as well as inspire you to take every opportunity that comes your way. Dreams are for those who sleep. I always found that waking up and facing everything, good and bad, made me who I am today.

The book publishes on June 9. Order it here on Amazon and remember to check in here for where you can find me!

Yes! I’d love to be part of your culinary love story!