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Leaving the cork on the table

People ask me how I came by my passion for hospitality. It all began with my parents who gave me the guidelines I’d inherit of how to live life, and to entertain with ease and grace. There was this one phrase that my father used to say and I never understood it until later reflection. Whenever anyone would open a bottle of wine or spirits, they would usually put the cork back in. But he’d catch that, take the cork out and put it on the table, surprises the poor guest. “Leave the cork on the table!” he’s say with

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Culinary Profile: Pink Pig Tequila

  Lately, I’ve been enjoying a tequila called Pink Pig. It’s an odd name, I know, but the story behind it is great, trust me! Co-founders Marissa Gonzales and Autumn Chiklis have a very distinctive point of view when it comes to the spirit. I chatted with Marissa while I was doing some research for my tequila library blog. Q: Marissa, what made you take this approach with your Pink Pig tequila? A: We were tired of “tequila for her.” So, we crafted a tequila like her: bold, complex, and with exceptional taste. Despite the fast–growing number of female-founded and

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My Tequila Love Story

I had my first sip of tequila when I traveled to California and dined at the iconic restaurant, Alice’s, located on Malibu Pier. I was smitten by the taste and flavor that day at the beach. From that day forward, tequila became my “go-to tipple.” From sipping while relaxing, to sharing shooters with friends at a party and creating fabulous cocktails for friends at home, it is the spirit I always reach for. Did I mention, I LOVE the various bottle shapes and designs from different tequila brands…it is all so much fun! Twenty-five years ago, when Dennis and I

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