Saying It Out LOUD!!!

Growing up, who knew what my future would bring me? I was not one of those girls who made plans and goals and, yes, I lacked ambition and confidence which one might think to be a stumbling block when it comes to wanting to be successful.

Oh, but here we are a million years later and as I reflect on my life it seems although not a goal maker, I have always been open-minded at finding opportunities and somehow it seems I do not fear taking a risk in life.  In fact, if I analyzed and overthought every opportunity that presented itself, I probably would not have taken the next steps. Is this a good thing? For me using my instincts served me well.

As you know I wrote a memoir and cookbook for our grandchildren no more no less. I did not do this to make money but if copies were sold and found interest by the public then all was well and good! Writing this book without a doubt gave me satisfaction and a sense of achievement.  Is that a success? 

Not content with writing a book I want to say out LOUD I found myself getting a screenplay written of the book! YES, a screenplay that I am so excited about!!! If I cannot sell a million copies of the book what are my chances of making a movie of the book? I will let you know. I believe saying it out LOUD to the universe brings a chance for opportunity.

So today we will maneuver the future of whether this screenplay becomes a movie. I have found myself a producer who has created a pitch deck. and as I said I am putting it out to the universe… FUN right?

The next thing I am going to say out LOUD I am going to write my third book with a working title “So That’s How You See It?”  

So much has happened in the last forty years I thought it would be tremendously informative to write my perspective on life and what it was like building a business at the same time!  Does anyone care? Who knows… but here goes!

Let's talk about it!

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